Knowing whether a contest requires Facebook

A comment that we received in our survey:

I quite like the Contest Chest, but find that some of the contests are impossible to enter. You get to the very end and can’t finish it or you have to be a Facebook member. There are lots of us who are not into social media.

Another comment:

Why can’t you have contests that dont require you to go on Facebook and like something first in order to enter the contests?

Another comment:

Some contests should not be dependent on subscribing to Facebook


I have started to enter a contest before by filling out all my info only to find out at the very end that you now have to “like” the company or whatever on Facebook. I find this extremely frustrating as I don’t have Facebook and have wasted my time by filling out my info. I am also all for your question above about letting us know that we will have to buy something to enter before we even start. Thank you

Our response:

We didn’t have a question in our survey about whether people want to see Facebook contests or not, but based on the number of comments like these that we received, we can tell that there is a significant number of people who want to be able to exclude such contests.

So, as with contests requiring a purchase or contests requiring you to do something, we’ll soon make it possible for you to filter out contests based on whether they require you to use Facebook or Twitter or other social media. It might take a few weeks for us to implement this, but we promise to do it.

But, we must also mention that if you are serious about entering contests to win, you should seriously consider getting social media accounts. The reason is that companies that host contests know that such contests work from their point of view. Companies run contests in order to market themselves and their products and they know that social media contests are very effective for this and thus the number of contests that require social media is likely to keep on increasing.

If you really don’t want to use your personal Facebook or Twitter account for entering contests, you could maybe create special Facebook and Twitter accounts that you use just for entering contests. You can do this by first creating a special email address for yourself that you only use for entering  contests — you can create such an email account for yourself free of charge at Gmail, for example. But, also note that if you don’t use your real Facebook and Twitter accounts for entering contests you might not get as many chances to win the contests than if you used your real accounts. The reason for this is that some contests track the number of people that you refer to them through your social media accounts. So, if you are using empty Facebook or Twitter accounts where you don’t have any friends or followers, then you won’t be referring anyone to them and they won’t reward you with more chances to win.

So, we promise to make it possible for you to filter out contests that require you to use social media soon, but recommend that you do start using social media if you are serious about winning many contests.

Thank you to the people who sent us the above comments through our survey. Feel free to comment on this post.


5 comments to Knowing whether a contest requires Facebook

  • Heidi

    at the end of the day, the publishers of these competitions are still forcing us to use social media, many of us have our own reasons many private reasons for not joining a social media group!! shame on them for the pressure. Instead they should never even have the competitions open to people who do not have a facebook or twitter account,this way the normal people wouldn’t know about it and wouldn’t have anything to complain about!!

  • if more contests were easier to enter without the need for face book or having to end up puechasing something at the end. more people woild enter. it would be more benefical to the sponsors as people wouldn’t be frustrated from finding a roadblock at the end. the need to use facebook or twitter or the purchasing of a product or service should be stated up front. to avoid your site from being construed as as a come on and just a fraud as you advertise on the internet as offering contests that can be entered for free. log on to the internet using contests that can be entered for free from manufacturers and retailers and see for rour self how the headings are worded it is quite misleading as written

  • Mary Jane

    I agree with Heidi – I DO NOT belong to Social Media – have no need to. I feel we are being discriminated against because of it. Contests should be open to all – with exception of Employees of Sponsors, etc.

  • Janine

    I found it frustrating to open the box which is so small to read what the instructions for the competition are only to find out that I have to search on another web site for the answer to the questions. Why are there no links posted that you can click on to read the article to get the answer?

  • Barbs

    The principle behind compo’s that involve a large sum of money; ie: giveaways of kitchen makeovers etc. is ADVERTISING ….come on people…. either the company will place adverts in a mag or newspaper or they may run a competition.. now mz or mr John Public which would you prefer?? something you have a chance at winning or just a look at a AD

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